• A superstar in the anti-aging field, retinol is the go-to ingredient for countless skin care products. Retinol, a synthetic vitamin A compound, helps to rid skin of wrinkle-causing free radicals, unclogs pores and strengthens thinning skin. Because retinol serum can cause irritation and redness in some skin types, the best anti-aging treatments are those that combine retinol with soothing and moisturizing ingredients.

    The second important element to consider when searching for an anti-aging or anti-acne retinol serum treatment is finding one that has a retinol content that best suits your skin. It should be strong enough to tackle your skin's wrinkles, acne or thinness without being so strong that it irritates your skin. Fortunately, Topix Pharmaceuticals' scientists and skin care specialists created Replenix All-Trans-Retinol Smoothing Serum in various strengths. Replenix All-Trans-Retinol Smoothing Serum 5X, for instance, is made for normal to tolerant skin. All-Trans-Retinol Smoothing Serum 10X is the strongest serum, made for those with the most tolerant skin types. The formulas also include green tea polyphenols that calm and soothe skin, and a humectant that replenishes the skin's moisture level.

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