• Everyone wants to have hair that is beautiful to the eye and soft to the touch. Klorane has a variety of plant-based products that are designed to enhance the health and look of the hair. These products were created by a French pharmacist named Pierre Fabre. One of the most popular products is the Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oats. The active ingredient in this product is oat milk. It is the ideal choice for people who want to clean their hair quickly while they are on the go. J.D., Skincare Rx Customer, had the following to say about this Klorane Haircare product, “This is the best dry shampoo I have ever used. It is much better than the other brands.”

    Klorane Centaury Shampoo is a product that was specifically designed for people who have white or grey hair. It helps keep the hair soft and beautiful. Centaury extract is the main ingredient in this product. TKnCK, Klorane Skincare Rx customer had the following to say about this product, “This shampoo does exactly what it promises.” This same customer gave the shampoo a five-star rating.

    Klorane is excluded from storewide sales.