• The Phyto hair care line includes smart, 21st century formulas that use natural botanicals in new combinations for maximum effect. Phyto hair cleansing and styling products posess unique qualities that make them highly desirable for any hair type. Phytopaisant Shampoo offers a multi-faceted approach to prevent and correct damage. It enriches the scalp while it provides supple body to the hair. With built-in conditioning, you can have tangle-free, soft hair with or without an additional conditioner. Debbie, SkinCareRx Customer, says: “Big fan of PHYTO for years but never tried this one before. It really cleans your hair and scalp with one wash.”

    For nongreasy control over flyaways, Phyto hair care offers Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm. This product works with your hair styling efforts, smoothing away strays. The balm leaves hair looking and feeling natural while it provides an ultra-polished, ultra-sleek look. Phytodefrisant Relaxing Balm is made from a blend of botanicals that provide both nourishment and control. Meghan, Apothica Customer, says: "When I blow dry and straighten my hair, I must use this or my hair just won't look right. It's extremely lightweight and never builds up in my hair.”