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SkinCareRx Loyalty Rewards

SkinCareRx Loyalty Rewards

The SkinCareRx Loyalty Rewards program makes it easy for you to begin saving on all your purchases and earn bonus points for leaving product reviews on our two websites: SkinCareRx.com or SkinBotanica.com.  Get started today!

How Loyalty Rewards Works

Any customer with a registered account on either of our two websites is automatically enrolled in the SkinCareRx Loyalty Rewards Program.  There is no “vesting” of your awards like other websites that make it challenging to redeem your points.  Your ability to use the points on your next purchase is immediate!  Get 3% back towards any future purchase!

Other ways to earn more points include:

  • Reviewing a product - Receive 10 points ($0.50) for every review you leave on products that you have purchased!

  • Creating an account - New customers that register for an account at SkinCareRx or SkinBotanica will earn 100 points (valued at $5) to use on your first purchase.  If you are new, click here now to create an account and begin saving!

  • Buying on special promotions - Be sure to look out for special promotions where you can receive double loyalty points!


Plus, don't forget that you receive free shipping on all orders over $49 all the time! If you have questions about the SkinCareRx Loyalty Rewards Program, please see our Rewards FAQ page here.


A few important rules surrounding the SkinCareRx Loyalty Rewards Program include:

  • You must have a registered account with one of our two sites to participate and earn loyalty points.  Solely signing up with your email to receive our newsletter or marketing promotions does not constitute an account registration.  Guest Checkout will not enable you to earn loyalty points, so be sure to sign up for an account and use this account each time you purchase.  Adjustments to loyalty points for orders not placed through a registered account will not be honored.
  • All loyalty points are earned on net order value (after any/all discounts are applied and before shipping and sales tax.)
  • To receive registration bonus loyalty points worth $5, you must register on-line and not already have an existing account with either website.  You will however be able to begin accumulating your points on all purchases.
  • Loyalty points are not earned on Gift Card purchases and cannot be redeemed to purchase a Gift Card.
  • Returns/Refunds/Adjustments of any order will result in the corresponding reduction of any loyalty points earned from that order.  If the loyalty points have already been redeemed, then a reduction of the value of those points will be taken from any refunds issued back for the return.
  • All points expire 90 days from the date they are earned.
  • Loyalty points are capped at 5000 loyalty points at any given time.  When this limit is reached, you will not accrue any additional points until your balance drops below 5000 loyalty points.
  • If you are a new customer, and you have previously been invited by a friend to sign up with us under our SkinCareRx Refer a Friend program (click here for details), then you will not receive your $5 bonus loyalty points for signing up under the SkinCareRx Loyalty Rewards Program.  You will however receive all loyalty points for your purchases and product reviews.  Complete your account registration and you earn $5 under the Refer a Friend program as well as help your friend save even more.
  • Product review loyalty points are only earned once the product review is approved for posting to the site at SkinCareRx’s sole discretion.  Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your review to be approved and to earn your points.  Product review Loyalty Points are only good on reviews for products that you have purchased and are limited to 50 product reviews per year and 200 over the life of the SkinCareRx Loyalty Rewards Program.

For complete Terms and Conditions of the SkinCareRx Loyalty Rewards Program, click here. By participating in the SkinCareRx Loyalty Rewards Program you are also agreeing to our full Terms of Service covering the use of our websites. Click here to review.

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