• Cream cleansers contain moisturizers as primary ingredients and come in a thick, lotion-like consistency. Contrary to popular belief, cream cleansers are not just for very dry skin types.

    The oils and other lipid-soluble emollients contained in cream cleansers make them particularly useful for dissolving makeup and waterproof sunscreen – which would make them excellent night time cleansers for any skin type.

    Some cream cleansers also contain acne-fighting ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid – the emollient base of which is designed to counteract the drying effects of the active ingredient.

    As a whole, cream cleansers are the ideal type of cleanser for dry or sensitive skin types. The moisturizing ingredients contained in a cream cleanser not only hydrate and protect the skin, but they also act as a buffer on the cleansing agents – increasing their mild attributes.