• We all want to see a pretty face in the mirror when we wake up; yet many of us only see the under eye bags, circles, puffiness and crows feet that surround our eyes. That is why there are so many different creams, therapies, balms, repairs, serums (the list goes on and on) for the delicate areas surrounding the “windows to our souls.” The first way to treat your eyes is to understand the problems you experience and then be able to find the best product to treat your own skin type.

    In general, the eye area is thinner and more sensitive, receiving stress from sun exposure, expressions, eye movement and squinting. These stresses and problems only increase as we age, and if not treated will become more prominent and difficult to maintain a youthful appearance. Choosing a product that treats your specific needs is easier said than done, but understanding your skin and the products will ultimately lead you to the be fairest in the land.

    The Biggest Eye Concerns

    Aging is at the top of the list of concerns when it comes to eyes. Wrinkles are never a good sign in most opinions; luckily, many eye treatments focus on reducing fine lines and wrinkles and crow's feet. Some of the well known ingredients to look for in a product are Retinol, Peptides and Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, E and Green Tea. These help to firm and renew the collagen growth of your skin, as well as prevent premature aging and free radical damage. With regular application and diligence the wrinkles that once seemed devastating will finally be nothing more than a distant memory.

    Under eye puffiness is a problem that mainly comes about with age. As we get older the skin and ligaments that were once so tight and firm become weaker and sag, allowing fat particles to come forward and settle under the eyes. Not only age but tiredness and heredity also factor in. A way to help lift and revitalize the skin from bags and puffiness includes using ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties including Aloe Vera and Arnica Montana, which help to calm the skin and reduce swelling.

    Under eye circles are just as common as bags, many times showing themselves because of broken blood vessels underneath, skin discolorations, and sun exposure; not just from lack of sleep. A concealer may work from day to day, but finding a product with Vitamin K will help reduce the dark circles instead of just covering them up.