Have a question about rebates? Find your answer below.

1: Where do I go to download a rebate?

A link to the applicable rebate will be found on the product’s page below the “Add to Cart” button and also at the top of the brand’s page during the rebate promotion time. You will need Adobe Reader or a similar application to view the file. Click here to Download Adobe Reader for free if you do not have it installed on your computer. Current rebates can be found here as well. If you are trying to find an expired rebate, please see question #14.

2: If I provide my email address on the rebate application, will you use it for anything else other than verification or share it with other parties?

Your email address will only be used to inform you of your rebate status. If indicated on your rebate application, you will also receive emails regarding future offers. We will never share your personal information with other parties without your consent.

3: What products do I need to purchase to qualify for a rebate?

In most cases, all products from the applicable brand will be eligible. Please check the specific rebate form to verify which products are needed to be purchased.

4: I bought more than one of the same product that a rebate was offered on. Can I submit more than one rebate?

Many rebates have a limit on the number of claims that can be submitted on a single promotion. Please review the promotion details on your rebate form or website to find the specific rules of the promotion you are applying for.

5: Do rebates expire?

Product rebates are only valid for a specific time frame as indicated on the website and on the rebate form. Be sure your purchase date falls within the dates of the offer to ensure your application will be valid.

6: How many days after my purchase can I send in the rebate?

This varies by rebate, but is typically two weeks after the date the rebate purchase period expires. Refer to the specific terms for this time frame on the rebate form to ensure you send your rebate in on time.

7: I forgot to mail in my rebate and now it is expired. If I send it in late, will I be able to get my rebate?

Unfortunately, our rebate fulfillment center will not honor claims postmarked after the date specified on the form. Be sure to check the dates and apply before the offer expires.

8: How long will it take for my rebate to be issued and mailed to me?

The time frame varies by rebate, but in most cases you should expect your rebate within 6 to 8 weeks from the date your rebate submission is received by our fulfillment center.

9: Whose name will appear on the rebate check?

The name on the check will be the same name on the rebate application.

10: Where will the rebate reward be sent?

The rebate reward will be mailed to the address on the rebate application.

11: Can I apply for two different rebates if the product(s) I purchased in the same order are eligible for two rebates?

Please consult the terms and conditions of the rebates that you wish to apply for. In almost all cases, only one rebate will be issued per order.

12: If I make a purchase with a gift card, can I still participate in the rebate?

Yes - Use of a gift card does not invalidate your rebate.

13: If I make a purchase with a coupon code, can I still participate in the rebate?

Please check the terms and conditions to see if you may use a coupon code as rebates vary by promotion.

14: The promotion ended before I printed off the rebate form. How do I find a rebate form so that I can submit it before the postmark date passes?

All expired rebates are found in our Advanced Rebate Search page. Select “Expired” from the rebate type and hit “Search”. After finding the rebate you are looking for, click on “More Info” and then download by clicking on “Get Form”.

15: I did not receive an Order Confirmation Email. How do I submit for a rebate without it?

Your rebate application must include the Order Confirmation Email and will be denied if it does not include it. Make sure to save to your safe sender list and check your spam or junk mail folder. If the email is not found there, we would be more than happy to resend it to you. Simply contact customer service at or 1-877-682-3553

16: I purchased multiple orders for friends during a promotion. Can I submit multiple rebates since my orders were separate?

Rebate terms vary by promotion. Please check the terms and conditions to see if you may submit multiple rebates for the same promotion.

17: I submitted my claim with all of the correct information, but received notice that it was denied. How do I resubmit?

The notification letter from our fulfillment partner will give you directions on how to resubmit for the claim so that you don’t miss out.

18: How do I check on the status of my rebate?

Please visit after you have mailed in your application. Please remember that it may take up to 6 to 8 weeks to process your claim, but the website will indicate where your application stands during that time.

19: Where do I mail the rebate? Can I just email it to customer service?

Please follow the directions on the rebate form and mail your rebate application to the address provided therein. Please do not send your rebate to our corporate address. Each rebate has specific mailing instructions to ensure successful processing of your rebate.

20: What if I don’t have a printer – what then?

This is a great excuse to rekindle relationships with friends, family members, or neighbors. You can also go to a print location too, such as a FedEx Office. If you have exhausted all of those options, and still do not have a printer, please send us a self-addressed and stamped envelope, your order number, and which rebate you are qualified for and we will provide a copy of the rebate form for you. You will still be responsible to fill out the form once you receive it, submit your order confirmation that was e-mailed to you, and send it in before the postmark date expires on the form.







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