• Perhaps more than any other skin type, people with oily skin can benefit the most from the use of a toner. Toners help finish the cleansing process – removing any additional makeup left behind. A hydrating toner can also help restore the pH balance and hydration to the skin after the use of a somewhat harsh cleanser, which those with oily skin tend to use.

    If your skin is on the sensitive side it is important to avoid toners with witch hazel, acetone, and are alcohol-free. A simple hydrating mist toner with anti-inflammatory properties will help provide lightweight hydration as well as soothe any redness or irritation.

    If you are battling blackheads or minor breakouts, then a clarifying toner with its pore-clearing capabilities will help decongest the pores and keep skin clear.

    Exfoliating or lightening toners will help brighten uneven skin tone and fade acne scarring, sun damage, age spots, or melasma.